Web Designers Blog

Welcome to our blog. Here you will find tips, tricks, tutorials, and just plain old good things to know about all things pertaining to Web-design. Please feel free to look and learn. There are some things as a Web-designer we have learned over the years that you can not learn in a book. Basically if they told you the truth about Web-design and how frustrating it can and all the surprises that come up, you probably would be too discouraged to even give it a shot. So I have compiled a bunch of good solid blog posts that will help you to learn and understand the many facets of web design.


Due to the possibility of becoming overwhelmed with the possibly daunting task of providing information to us about what you want your website to look like and the information you wish it to contain, you may prefer one of our simpler ground-floor packages. A ground floor package includes just a few beautifully designed Web pages about your business or services with contact information and logo and some multimedia. We would maintain and host the website which will include all the basics to get you started. The Ground-Floor package will plant a seed in the fertile soil of the Internet and we can add as much water and sunlight as you need to grow and mature your company’s online presence and branch out into a full fledged dynamic website.

Worry Free

Most people realize that there are many costs associated with owning and maintaining a professional web site. Some of these are bandwidth, amount of space for your web site, hosting fees, purchases of one or many domain names, and of course e-mail with your company’s name in it. We take care of all complicated costs in house and offer a very simple billing system. We don’t want to create any confusion by sending you charges and fees for items not fully understood by you or your web design liaison, so we handle all the consolidating of billing and remove any confusion as to what you are actually paying for. As it stands now, most of our web sites already receive unlimited hard drive space and e-mail accounts unless otherwise specified in agreement.

More to come…