Poconos Web Solutions Color

Color is extremely important in this day and age, and unfortunately overlooked by many web designers.

The effect color can set a mood for the overall look and feel for the site. This carefully chosen item is of the utmost importance. For instance Microsoft, for example, uses a sky blue as their key color on all most of their websites. They even chose the same color for computer desktop backgrounds probably because the color light blue tends to represent a clear sky or water , which in turn can convey a sense of peace, tranquility, and serenity. Also, it has come to lend itself to the computer industry of late, as their are many colors that lend themselves well to their respective industries. Chromodynamics is the study of color and its effect on the human brain.

We have on hand,a color specialist, named Jessica Gordon who has dedicated her life to the study of Color Theory. Color theory is the study of color and how they interact with each other in any given space. Jessica's website address is Buckets of Color. There you can find more information about Jessica and what she can do of any companies' corporate identity and branding. The following is from Jessica herself.

"Why do we choose one product over another?  Did you know that Coca-Cola Red is a copyrighted color?  Or Kodak Yellow?  These major companies have spent lots of money on the R&D necessary to make sure they attract the demographic they are looking for.  But what about the small business owner?  What can you do, to make sure that your company is being branded and understood by your potential clients?  A Color Psychology "Personality" Profile will get you that same information so that you can apply a palette of color to your printed materials (such as business cards, brochures, card magnets and wraps, advertisements, etc), website, your brick and mortar location, and many other applications.  To large companies this is an investment in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but now it's affordable to the average small business owner.  How can we do this?  After 1,000 clients, we have developed some methods and questions that cut down on the amount of hours necessary for this kind of research.  We look forward to applying our special approach to help you give your company the personality it deserves."

So COLOR - Important or not? After reading that we'll let you be the judge.