E-Mail Campaigns (newsletters)

E-Mail Campaigning is no rookie to the internet world. It's popularity has recently grown due to the ability to create in-line HTML and track E-mail responses and action via software and new coding technologies. In order to launch a successful ad campaign via newsletters and other forms of recurring media, one must be extremely familiar with the technology and have a great deal of marketing experience to back that up.

No-one should jump haphazardly into anything, especially e-mail campaigns. You don't want to lose the customers that you already have or give yourself the wrong impressions (an SEO joke - impressions has a double meaning here one is for an emotional response and the other is how many times someone has clicked your link or advertisement). What the goal here is to do is to put your best foot forward in the best way you can, and to inform your clients as to when your next event is, or even a sale on an Item they wanted. As an example I was looking for a part on E-Bay motors in which they saw that I could just not locate it used and at the right price range. 1 week later I received an e-mail from E-Bay stating that they had found the part that I was searching for at the lower price and in the condition I was looking for and sent me that information in an e-mail. Well I bought it the next day.

The other area where most people fail to succeed in is getting the client interested enough in your offerings so they decide to give you their contact information in your web-form on your site. People will not just waste their own time intentionally filling out forms to receive endless e-mails from multiple sources for no reason. There has to be a purpose for the client. Such as maybe they will receive something from you that is of value to them for free or for a discounted rate just for filling out the form.

These are just a few of the ways and means to get people to sign up and receive your branding along with something of great interest to them as well. There are countless methods to create a viable E-mail campaign and marketing strategies to assist in growing your number of clients and eventually meet all of your projected goals at hand.

More to come...