Below are just a few of Poconos Web Solution's LATEST WEB PROJECTS!


The Friendliest Grid on Earth - A tool for web designers to use to aid in setting up a repsonsive website design

The Friendliest Grid On Earth

The Friendliest Grid On Earth

This Website is completely Responsive and will conform properly to any screen size or mobile phone and tablet. It also features touch responsive graphics. This site is a demonstration of what a completely responsive site can do for you and your business, brand, or hobby.

This Web site features HTML5, CSS3 and the least amount of javascript necessary, to ensure the greatest compatibility on all mobile phones, tablets, computer monitors, and Internet Friendly HDTv's.

Please feel free to download this free tool to aid with your next web design project.

JD Walter Historic Restorations - Licensed in Maryland & Pennsylvania

JD Walter Restorations

Specializing in Historic Masonry Restorations for residential and commercial properties since 1937.

This Web site Utilizes Some of The Most Current Technologies For Web 2.0 This includes CSS, No Flash, Perl Cgi-Scripting & Javascript, and also features jQuery!! A true adventure in the latest programming techniques!!!

Pinnacle Design Works, LLC - A Poconos Premier Home Builder

Pinnacle Design Works

Keeping The Poconos Mountains Beautiful By Incorporating The Latest in "Green" Building Practices & Environmentally Friendly Methods!

This Web site Utilizes Some Technologies Using XHTML, CSS, Flash, Perl Cgi-Scripting & Javascript, and will soon feature jQuery!! Exciting!!!

Chris Barnes' Comedy Dojo Web Site

Chris Barnes - Comedy Dojo

Poconos Web Solutions Consistently Maintains and Updates These Web Sites To Reflect Current Events And Modern Design Elements including Developments in CSS and Javascript Libraries.

Chris Barnes' Comedy Dojo is also Currently Running The Poconos Improv School in Stroudsburg, PA.

Chris Barnes has been on many sitcoms including "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Life With Bonnie"

We do apologize, but our other High Profile Clients are kept Confidential as per agreement!