Search Engine Optimization

Poconos Web Solutions has extensive knowledge on how to drive traffic towards you web site via organic and sponsored search results. When you are ready, we can take your website to the next level by performing slight alterations to your website so that it gains in search engine visibility. This means that your web site will show up in the search engine results or SERP and get noticed when a possible prospect searches for services you offer or products that you sell.

Most people know and realize that today if you are not within the first few pages of the search engine results you will most likely never get noticed. At Poconos Web Solutions we incorporate many ethical "White Hat" methods in order to get your website noticed! Google and other search engines have one job to do to and that is to make the internet a reasonably efficient place to get information, to purchase things, or even to educate yourself about any variety of topics. Therefore your site needs to have a specific value in order to gain traffic, which in turn, will help you to achieve your goals. Many people are under the misconception that if you got 1000 people to view your website by simply typing the URL in the browser window that this will generate the attention of the search engines and you will gain popularity overnight. This method is both ridiculous and fruitless. Your site needs to be of value by providing to it's visitors relevant information to their search query. For instance, if you were to type in shoes into Bing for example and you received results about soccer because you need special shoes in order to play soccer; you would never use that search engine again and most definitely try another search term or just give up.

Sponsored (PAID) VS. Organic Search Results

There are two types of results that you see when you search on a topic or phrase. The sponsored results are the results in the top and mostly right side (fig 1.1) and the organic results (fig1.2) are the results in the main window. The paid results are shown because of Google ad words and pay per click campaigns, and the organic results are the results displayed from the Google search algorithms and sometimes can be filled unrelated information as well. However, most people do not bother looking past the first few pages in the results window to find what they are looking for anyway because they are looking to not waste to much time.

organic results

Google Search Organic (FIG 1.2)

Paid Search Results

Google Search Paid (FIG 1.1)

So basically to sum things up we at Poconos Web Solutions understand how to drive traffic to your site either by paid advertising or just good old plain honest content on your site to naturally attract appropriate visitors.

More to come....