Social Media 2.0

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These days it doesn't pay to sit idly by and watch the new world of Social Media create new riches for people who understand the technology behind it. There are so many new Social Media sites out there just waiting for you or your company to develop new relationships with potential clients that were just not possible before now. Because, we at Poconos Web Solutions understand the full potential value of Social Media and networking sites, such as Facebook, FriendFeed, MySpace, Google +, Youtube, as well as micro-blogging web sites such as Twitter,( just to name a few) we can help you to reach even more potential national and global customers than was ever possible in the years past.

There are many new ways and means to let people now what you do or offer. Some of these include but are not limited to; Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Digg, Orkut, Foursquare, Youtube, and Gowalla as well, which I just heard of by following Jeffrey Zeldman through my Twitter account. These sites can share everything from people's locations to their personal likes and dislikes, to a overly detailed narration of what's happening in their day. These types of hot destinations get viewed by thousands of interneteers and can also be a great place to meet a new and potential clients. Social Media can also be very useful to share knowledge about some cutting edge product or service, and a great way to build trust among your budding internet followers.

These websites allow you or your business to communicate with many people in new markets that were not available to you prior to this new, readily available, free, technology. "So many people so little time" says an avid internet marketing colleague of mine. From Micro-blogging sites, which limit your word count to as little as 140 characters, to photo (Flickr), audio (Soundcloud), and even video sharing sites, such as Youtube and Vimeo, anyone can get started sharing anything they like about themselves, their services, products, beliefs, or just their business.

If you have something of value to offer anyone, anywhere the new social media platforms are the place to do it, and here at Poconos Web Solutions we can help you to harness the true awesome power of Social Media.