Web Design

Web design is a rapidly changing technology, in which the designer has to take into as many things as possible in order to produce the most effective, compatible, and problem free web-site they possibly can. You have three choices as far as the design process goes, you can do it all yourself, you can have a relative or friend who says they know a great deal about web-design and may even have a web site, OR, leave it up to a professional web-design company like Poconos Web Solutions, and get the whole package done right the first time. We believe in exceeding your expectations and will even help you to find the best hosting solution to fit your needs. VPS hosting will provide you with reliability and accessibility to ensure that your site is always up and running without busting your budget.

At Poconos Web Solutions we want to see your web site perform its absolute best, and whatever your true aspirations and goals are be met. This is why we recommend not trusting this work to your younger sister or son or daughter just because they claim to know how to make a website. There is so much new information that one has to keep up on and keep track of. For instance, web browser technology, the current standards in web coding, all the new capabilities of current and out-dated computer hardware, as well as loading time and how the server that is hosting your web site functions in case there are any problems. Currently the most recently adopted standards are the new HTML 5 and CSS3.

Our company uses our experience from the start of on the internet to the projected technologies of future to maintain a perfect balance with the current and most up to date as possible technologies to get the job done in a manner and fashion that is both professional and ethical. If you are unsure as to our value or have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will let our current customers share their experience they have had with us to you. After all, we have found that word-of-mouth from actual customers is the best way to gain trust, and even some business, even in the digital information age.

More to come...